The app

The app is almost ready. Very soon it will be available to anyone interested in exploring Eleusis and the Thriasian Plain in order to discover the area’s great comparative advantage: its people and their stories.

The Pros-Eleusis app enables us to create routes based on the dynamic and personalized combination of available route segments or individual points of interest.

The app can generate an entire route from separate points of interest or by putting together smaller routes. Users have the ability to complete any part of the route they wish, at which point the software can suggest the next route segment based on the users’ interests. The software also has the ability to propose a completely different route when it detects a potential change in the users’ interests or their engagement with the ongoing itinerary.

Personalized suggestions are based on the sum of the subjective attributes of the users in combination with the inherent features of each route segment. 

The users’ probable subjective attributes include: (a) thematic preferences regarding the information that will be provided e.g. focus on the industrial or ancient history, (b) movement restrictions e.g. avoid hills, rugged terrain, busy thoroughfares, (c) total time available for the tour, (d) route type preferences e.g. walk in the countryside or in an urban setting, (e) whether users wish to move away from their current location in order to access the next route segment, (f) anything else that may be deemed important in the future. 

The applicability of each of these attributes, as well as its significance for the software’s final result, are under investigation. 

The routes’ inherent features include: (a) the distance that needs to be covered, (b) topography e.g. acclivities, rough terrain, type of road surface, (c) thematic focus e.g. industrial or environmental history, (d) average route time, (e) type of route e.g. nature walk or urban exploring, (f) anything else that may be deemed important in the future. 

Based on the aforementioned attributes, the personalization software can select a small group of route segments and present them to the users. They will have the opportunity to read a summary for each segment, its basic attributes, or a few words on why it was selected. Then they can decide how exactly they wish to continue their tour. 

Users also have the option of moving about the ecomuseum freely. In this case, the software detects the approach of a user to an area for which there is a route segment available. It informs the user and provides her/him with the route’s basic attributes. The user can then decide whether he or she wishes to follow the particular route.

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