The Age of Kronos

The Kronos factory was built in 1923-1926 to produce alcohol products, wine, molasses, and tanning extracts. The parent company had been founded in Piraeus in 1911, but a rise in the demand for alcohol and wine in the 1920s persuaded them to expand their operations in Eleusis.

The Eleusis triangle

Ptolemy II Philadelphus was very fond of luxury. During his reign, the court of the Ptolemaic court reached an unparalleled level of splendor. He organized grand processions through the streets of Alexandria with elephants, ostriches, lions, and a rhinoceros in honor of god Dionysus.

The maiden voyage

There is a lot of preparatory work required before Mentor can produce its deliverables in the context of Pros-Eleusis. This is a collaborative project, where people with different skills and professional backgrounds must come together to deliver an ecomuseum for Eleusis

Saving Private Memory

There is a subtle (and important) difference between a memory and a remembrance. The former consists of information which originates in personal experiences that we gather and store in our brain. A remembrance, on the other hand, is the selective “downloading” of processed information that already exists in our memory. The collective memory of a […]

Demeter vs the Titans

Gods do not make mistakes. The plain of Eleusis was a source of wealth for the ancient Athenians. The soil was watered by the Eleusinian Cephissus River and supplied farmers with grain, and animals with fodder. There was ample room for olive trees and vineyards. Fishermen could earn a living from the sea. Demeter knew well what she did, when she selected Triptolemus, the young son of King Celeus, as her emissary. A man who grew in this earthly paradise was the ideal representative of the goddess to teach humanity the art of agriculture.