Eleusis Ecomuseum

Discover Eleusis through the stories of its people.


Pros-Eleusis establishes Eleusis as a cutting-edge cultural and tourist destination that extends far beyond the archaeological site of the sanctuary of Demeter to encompass the whole city and the Thriasian Plain. The industrial zone, the residential neighbourhoods, and the countryside become pieces of an ecomuseum. Visitors can use their mobile devices to learn about the heritage wealth of Eleusis through routes that are fine-tuned to their personal interests. The local community takes charge of its own history and contributes actively to the future prosperity of the city and its residents.

The research project

Pros-Eleusis is the result of a research project that aims at strengthening local entrepreneurship in the fields of tourism and heritage by establishing a dual tourist/cultural experience. Visitors to Eleusis discover the city and its residents through an ecomuseum which becomes accessible with an easy-to-use app. The app offers personalized routes tailored to the desires and particular interests of each user.

The ecomuseum of Eleusis

The social, industrial, and environmental history of Eleusis is rich, long, and unknown. With the exception of Demeter’s sanctuary, most visitors never come into contact with the treasure trove of stories associated with the countryside, the small family businesses, the abandoned industrial buildings, the Roman ruins, and the Byzantine churches. The ecomuseum is the key to unlock Eleusis’ potential as a destination. The archaeological site is no longer the only attraction. Visitors are encouraged to explore every corner of Eleusis and discover its incomparable assets: the local residents and their stories.

The app

The Pros-Eleusis app encourages and guides visitors to discover Eleusis and the Thriasian Plain. The users can select among the available routes that are dedicated to the industrial, environmental, and ancient history of Eleusis. They can also explore the city through a series of individual points of interest based on their personal preferences and time available.

Photo Collection

Stories of Eleusis

About us

The project’s stakeholders are the Research and Innovation Center in Information, Communication and Knowledge Technologies “Athena”, the Culture and Heritage Management company MENTOR and the Communications & Information Technologies Experts S.A. company (CITE). The partnership aims at developing new technologies that will take advantage of history to enrich the overall visitors’ experience.