Eleusis Ecomuseum

Pros-Eleusis is an innovative ecomuseum/application that aims to enrich the cultural/tourist experience in Eleusis.

Discover Eleusis through the stories of its people.

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The project

The onset of the financial crisis in Greece, in recent years, has spawned a fruitful dialogue at national and regional level - based on studies, public forums and consultations - that has highlighted the importance of the broader tourism sector industries as a key pillar of national economic growth.

Project progress
8/2018 M01
9/2018 M02
10/2018 M03
11/2018 M04
01/2019 M07
02/2019 M08
03/2019 M09

Opening meeting in Eleusis.

Website Creation

User needs and specifications.

User needs and specifications.

Software architecture design.

Eleusis ecomuseum design.

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