Personalized ROuteS in Eleusis

Engaging local knowledge and entrepreneurship to foster awareness of the cultural heritage of Eleusis through the study of its past, present, and future identity and the adoption of an innovative approach to the enhancement of visitors’ experience; an ecomuseum.

The project

The onset of the financial crisis in Greece, in recent years, has spawned a fruitful dialogue at national and regional level - based on studies, public forums and consultations - that has highlighted the importance of the broader tourism sector industries as a key pillar of national economic growth.

The team


Old Man River

When the traveller and geographer Pausanias left Athens towards Eleusis, he knew that he may have had to face a mighty obstacle.

Titanic in Eleusis

A spectre is haunting Eleusis – the spectre of shipwrecks. Many agencies and individuals have expressed their determination to exorcise this spectre but to no avail.

The rocks of Eleusis

The arrival of 450 families of refugees from Asia Minor was a transformative event in the history of Eleusis, but establishing a new life in Greece was not easy.

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