Personalized ROuteS in Eleusis

Engaging local knowledge and entrepreneurship to foster awareness of the cultural heritage of Eleusis through the study of its past, present, and future identity and the adoption of an innovative approach to the enhancement of visitors’ experience; an ecomuseum.

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The project

The onset of the financial crisis in Greece, in recent years, has spawned a fruitful dialogue at national and regional level - based on studies, public forums and consultations - that has highlighted the importance of the broader tourism sector industries as a key pillar of national economic growth.


The team


Church on the hill

The church of Saint Nicholas in Eleusis seems out of place. It is located within the boundaries of the archaeological site, but this is not what is odd about it. Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of sailors, so one would expect to find his church closer to the sea. This one, though, is erected […]

The maiden voyage

There is a lot of preparatory work required before Mentor can produce its deliverables in the context of Pros-Eleusis. This is a collaborative project, where people with different skills and professional backgrounds must come together to deliver an ecomuseum for Eleusis, as well as the app that will enable visitors to enjoy the wealth of […]

Saving Private Memory

There is a subtle (and important) difference between a memory and a remembrance. The former consists of information which originates in personal experiences that we gather and store in our brain. A remembrance, on the other hand, is the selective “downloading” of processed information that already exists in our memory. The collective memory of a […]